Acrylic nails take 1.5 hours to complete. An extension is placed on the natural nail and the acrylic is applied as a base for gel polish. Acrylic can be sculpted to any shape or length to give the illusion of being a natural nail. This treatment includes a full gel polish treatment also. Nail Art, Ombré or French costs extra and must be requested upon booking as it may take longer also. 


This simple 2-week gel polish is a gorgeous treatment and only takes 30 minutes and lasts approximately 2-3 weeks (varies by client).

There are so many colours to choose from brands such as The Manicure Company, Beetles Gel Polish and The Gel Bottle.

BIAB is the up and coming most popular nail treatment. It is a builder gel that is stronger than gel polish but just not as strong as acrylics. This treatment includes a full gel polish application and takes about 45 mins to complete. This is the ideal treatment if you’re trying to grow out your natural nail.


Our luxury pedicure is a 1-hour treatment to give your feet the break they deserve! A deep cleanse and exfoliation are completed on the foot before beginning nail and cuticle prep. Once completed a full gel polish application is done, finishing off with a light foot massage.