Brows Shape and Tint:

Eyebrow shape and tint includes the option of wax, thread or both. Measurements of the brows are done first, which is then followed by tint which is allowed time to sit to develop and finally the shape is then created using the chosen method. This treatment can take up to half an hour to allow time for consultation.


Hybrid Brow:

The hybrid brow is the perfect treatment to create a more defined brow to suit your face. The hybrid tint stains the skin in places where there may be fairer or no hair at all – it fills these gaps to create a fuller natural looking brow. The tint stays on the skin for up to 10 days and lasts on the hairs for up to 6 weeks. Only our best trained brow artists perform this treatment as extreme accuracy and skill is required.


Brow Lamination:

Brow Lamination is one of the most popular treatments in our studio. This is a 4-step perming treatment to create a fuller fluffy brow. There is the option to add regular or hybrid tint to the treatment at a small extra cost. Brow Lamination takes 45-60mins and lasts for 8 weeks. It is not recommended to do this treatment within the 8 week period, although maintenance can be done (wax and tint). Patch test required.

Phi Brows: Phi Brows is a semi-permanent technique of hyper-realistic eyebrow drawing in which the shape of the eyebrows is calculated according to facial morphology and golden proportion – meaning the shape is determined based on your nose, eye and forehead shaping. 

Pain during the treatment is relative. Symmetry of the brows is calculated using the Phi App. Strokes are always drawn in the direction of the natural growth to ensure a natural look. Pigment used is also based on natural skin tone and hair colour. 

Treatment is done using sterile and disposable tools, while the pigments are of the highest of standards. Correction is done about a month after the treatment as 10-15% of strokes are lost after the first treatment. Inserted treatment is very dark during the first 5 to 7 days. 7 days later, it loses up to 40% of its intensity. If you think the pigment is too dark, do not try to fade it yourself. The length in which the pigment lasts depends on how oily the client’s skin is. The oiler the skin the shorter the retention is. Sweating and sun exposure also affect pigment retention. 

On average, the expected time until new refreshment of pigment is 10-12 months. If the skin is oily, it takes up to 6 months. Healing is completely done in 28 days. Post treatment care makes up 70% of total treatment success. It is important to stick to the advice given, otherwise you can lose up to 80% of the drawn strokes .